Skin Health and Beauty Tips
I don't know a woman who doesn't love looking younger than their actual age. The buzz you get from friends, family and complete strangers saying you look fantastic is second to none. There is a secret to having beautiful plump skin with a clear, even complexion that I would like to share with you.

The Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid.
- Your skin care needs a strong foundation that will correct and protect your skin. A good quality SPF, Antioxidants and DNA Repair. The SPF provides protection against free radicals, the antioxidant provides protection against damage from free radicals and the DNA repair repairs your cells and reverses cellular damage.
- The core of your skin care is Retinoids (Vit A) and AHA's. The Retinoids increase cellular turnover and optimal skin metabolism and the AHA's moisturize and exfoliate the skin.
- Top of your skin care are Peptides and Growth factors which enhance signaling pathways providing cell communication, stimulating and enhancing the production of essential compounds.

All of this can be achieved with PRIORI skin care which has the best growth factor in skin (Lactic Acid). Your body creates lactic acid therefore it will accept the lactic acid in PRIORI with little or no irritation.
You can book a FREE consultation with us to discuss your skin and how to achieve the results you would like and answer any questions you might have. Phone 4256 0042 or send us an email to make your appointment

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